A Reception Wedding!

This week in Reception we have had a great time learning about weddings. The children have been designing their own wedding dresses, writing wedding invitations, listening to wedding music and sharing their own experiences of weddings by bringing in photos of weddings they had attended.

The highlight of the week was our pretend wedding where all the children acted out the different roles in a wedding ceremony and the year 1 children came as wedding guests.  The children all looked fantastic and had a great time!

                    ‘the Ushers wait for the wedding guests to arrive at the church’

                                                    ‘the congregation is ready’

‘the Groom waits for his Bride while the Best Man takes good care of the rings’

                                                 ‘the Bride and her Father are ready’

                                         ‘the Bridesmaids and Pageboys are ready’

                                                           ‘here comes the Bride’

          ‘the Vicar leads the ceremony and tells the Bride and Groom what to say’

                                         ‘the Bride and Groom exchange rings’

                                          ‘the congregation stand for a hymn’

                                            ‘the Bride and Groom sign the register’

                                     ‘the new husband and wife leave the church’

                   ‘throwing confetti to wish the Bride and Groom good luck’

                                                     ‘smiling for photographs’

To end the week we had a big party with nursery class to celebrate the royal wedding. The children made decorations and sandwiches and all had a great time!

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